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The Leudo


A leudo is an antique merchant boat used to transport goods across the Mediterranean. Its shape resembles that of a lute, elegant and harmonious. These boats were built mainly on the Liguria Riviera between the end of the XVII and the XIX century. A few of them still sail our seas, like the new Leonidas, the pride of our local sea craftsmanship.




A prestigious sailboat

  the history

Leonidas is the accurate reconstruction of a leudo built in the XIX century in Lavagna, Liguria. The new Leonidas was built between 2004 and 2006 thanks to the efforts and the perseverance of the young owner and lateen rigged sailboats amateur Ivan Zanchetta, and with the invaluable work of La Maddalena island’s carpenters.
The first Leonidas, according to its owners, was a fast and easy to sail boat, despite its size. It was built in Lavagna, in the workshop of Maestro Lorenzo Figallo “Leoncin”, known for building many leudi, including one of the few that are still sailing, the San Marco or Dominica Nina.

  sail plan
  construction plan
  technical specifications